10 Reasons For Toddler Meltdowns This Week

Toddler Meltdown

I realized it’s been sometime that I entertained you with some tales of my little one. My toddler is a spirited child and has opinions about most things in his little world. Of course in the imperfect world that we live in sometimes things don’t go his way. Cue: A toddler meltdowns of epic proportions accompanied by toy throwing, lying down on the floor and stomping of feet. Most times I am quite amused by the reasons behind these meltdowns so I figured I’d share a few reasons with you all.

Reason 1

So yesterday Advait asked his dad to draw hills. Then he asked him to draw a pair of wheel on the hills. And then my toddler had a meltdown. Why you might ask? Well, you see the wheels were of the wrong size. So they looked more like a car’s wheels instead of a train’s wheels.

Reason 2

His toy trains ran out of battery and they dared to stop running on the tracks. In a toddler’s world, batteries should run endlessly.

Reason 3

He wanted to talk to his Nana (grandfather) but Nani (grandmother) picked up the phone instead.

Reason 4

He woke up feeling hungry but didn’t really realize it. So he asked for crayons instead of milk and Dad actually had the gall to bring him crayons instead of offering him milk.

Reason 5

The waitress at the restaurant took away the menus after bringing us our order. He wanted to take those home I think.

Toddler Meltdowns

Reason 6

The book about trains he absolutely loves came to an end. Which means he needed to go to sleep. That deserves a tantrum totally.

Reason 7

He likes to drink his milk with a straw everyday. This morning I made the mistake of putting the straw in the milk instead of letting him do it.

Reason 8

He didn’t want to change into his pajamas.

Reason 9

We wouldn’t let him have any more peanut butter. (After his third spoon)

Reason 10

I was rude enough to put his crayons back in their box instead of being a mind reader and knowing he wanted to do it all by himself.

Toddler Meltdowns can sometimes get a little overwhelming but they sure have some funny reasons behind them. There are ways to avoid toddler tantrums and toddler meltdowns but sometimes they are for the cutest reasons and are best handled patiently. Let kids be kids for as long as you can!.

Until the next time!


  1. Oh goshh, I can soo relate to this post! So true about there being a reason behind the dramatic tantrums toddler have lol
    Looking forward to reading more 😊

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