5 Baby Products I couldn’t have done without

Baby Products

When you’re a nervous first time parent, you can often get overwhelmed with all the advice that exists out there. There are tons of books on babies, parenting, and an even bigger list of baby products available. You research endlessly and buy far more things than you’ll ever need. As your baby grows there are some baby products that will get far more use than others and you can’t imagine your life without them.

This is a list of baby products that I swear by and would recommend to any friend in a heartbeat.

1. Aquaphor baby wash and cream

Baby Products Aquaphor

This first one might not seem so important but you’re going to be using baby wash and cream far lonBger than most other products. My toddler is almost three and I still use these two products. I have tried multiple brands/product but because he has terribly dry skin these work best for him.

They were recommended by our paeditrician and I can’t thank her enough for these. I love that they have no added perfumes and are hypo allergic. This is one product I can see us using and buying for a long time.

PS : The cream actually doubles as a diaper rash cream too, how awesome is that!

2.  Lillebaby Airflow Carrier  

Baby Products Lillebaby Airflow Carrier

There are quite a few baby carriers in the market which means I had to research quite a bit when buying this one. I knew I wanted something which was ergonomically designed and supported baby’s hips as well as my back. Good quality carriers don’t come cheap so there was no way I could buy multiple ones to test them out. A good way to test carriers out would be to check if there is a Babywearing International lending library close by. That way you can test what you and your little one is most comfortable with.

I picked this particular carrier because it had the greatest weight range from newborn to a 44 lb toddler which is generally not available in most carriers. I also liked the airflow design because I didn’t want my baby to get really hot while I was wearing. This carrier was perfect, easy to figure out and easy to put on when alone too. I flew internationally when Adi was only about 6 months old and this carrier was a lifesaver for me.

3.Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym

Baby Products Fisher Price Kick and Play

Most babies don’t really play with a lot of toys for the first 6 months of their life. There were only a couple of toys that my son played with for the first months of his life. This particular toy got the most use and could easily be the best $50 you ever spend. Advait learnt to use his hands and feet on this, he loved to look at himself in the mirror that hangs above.

I particularly love this toy because of all the meals I was able to eat as it kept my baby entertained. A new mother could always do with some ‘free’ time to eat, take a quick shower or use the restroom and this playmat definitely helps.

4. Diaper Genie Diaper Pail

Baby products Diaper Genie

This one’s going to keep your house smelling fresh and clean. Most people might consider a diaper pail as something of a not necessary item but I’m of the firm belief that you need a diaper pail to hold the gazillion diapers your children are going to go through till they get potty trained. I don’t like using a normal trashcans for diapers because I often feel like the smell doesn’t stay contained. (Too much information i know!)

Long story short this is a product you and your olfactory senses will be thankful to buy.

5. The Wonder Weeks App and Book


Baby Products - The wonder weeks


This last one isn’t really a conventional product you can walk into Target and buy. This book is an English translation of a Dutch book by Frans X Plooij. To be honest I haven’t read the book but the app helped me tremendously during Advait’s first year. The app is available for download on the Google Play as well as iTunes.

I always considered babies to be extremely unpredictable until I started reading through this app. There is actually a lot that babies have to go through as they grow up mentally and physically. There are certain designated weeks when they make developmental leaps and they tend to fuss around more during those particular weeks as they deal with the changes.

I loved that there was finally a resource which could explain my baby’s behavior and how I could help him feel more comfortable. It was also fascinating to read all the changes that babies go though at any given point of time.

These were a list of baby products that I absolutely loved and would always recommend to a friend. Do you have any baby products that you loved and couldn’t have done without. Drop me a line in the comments and tell me about them!

Until the next time!


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