5 Reasons to Plan A Staycation Today!

Plan A Staycation
Have you been feeling a bit stuck in a rut recently? Feel like a vacation but can't wait till the holiday? Plan a staycation today and rejuvenate yourself.

Have you been feeling a bit stuck in a rut recently? Feel like a vacation but can’t wait till the holiday? Do you need a break from working, cleaning, cooking, paying the bills, basically ‘adult-ing’? If your answers are a big resounding yes, you need to plan a staycation today! The stay at home vacation is a great way to unwind from the daily humdrums of life all the while staying in or close to your city.

We’ve enjoyed a couple of staycations and I absolutely love the idea. Here are my top 5 reasons to plan a staycation:

More Economical

You stand to save tons of money if you plan a staycation instead of a full fledged vacation. You can save on flight costs, car rental costs. Also more often than not life gets in the way of planning vacations early. So if you are stuck trying to book hotels/ flights the week before a long weekend, everything is going to be far more expensive.

More Relaxing

I don’t know about you guys but when I travel, I like to explore the place as much as I can. I’ve already professed my love for walking in a city. That along with trying to cover all the major spots in a city leaves me very exhausted and needing a vacation after my vacation.

When you plan a staycation, you already know your city, so you can sleep in. Eat a nice breakfast. Take a dip in the pool. Do everything you always want to do in a holiday but never really have the time to.

Plan A Staycation

Plan A Staycation

Far less planning required

When you’re traveling with your family, there is a whole lot of planning that needs to be done. Clothes and snacks and medications and important papers. I’m sure you get my drift. When you plan a staycation, there is far less planning and coordination needed (not having to pack a gazillion diapers for a 5 hour flight for example), which mean far less stress and a much more relaxing holiday.

No time off needed

When you plan a vacation, you often need to take some time off from work. Very few days of leave translate to very few breaks from everyday life which could mean a grumpier you. A staycation is possible over any normal weekend. So you are refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to face the world come Monday morning. Imagine the possibility of resetting and take a break maybe every 3-4 months in a year.

Plan A Staycation

Splurging on Luxury

Remember all that money you saved by not taking expensive cross country flights in point 1. You could put some of that and splurge on a nice luxury hotel, a spa day or maybe some other things on your bucket list you keep putting off because they are too expensive.

Another key benefit for me is we never end up visiting the touristy spots of our hometown. We are too busy leading our lives to really go check them out. So when you plan a staycation, you could be a tourist in your own city. Check out the hotspots. eat the overprices churros there, take a few selfies and make some beautiful memories along the way.

I’m off to plan a much needed staycation for my family, why don’t you?

Until next time!

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