One Day Animal Kingdom Itinerary With A Toddler

One Day Animal Kingdom Itinerary with a toddler

Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom is a hidden gem in the world of amusement parks. Its pretty underrated and not talked as much about, but my toddler and I absolutely loved it! Often compared to a zoo, trust me when I say that it is nothing like one. It is magical place where the world of Pandora, meets Asia, meets Africa. Where Simba comes to life, and you go on top of the Himalayas and on an African Safari. It is also much much less crowded than Magic Kingdom, which makes it great for toddlers. However, there a few rides which are not suitable for toddlers, so it helps having a general idea of what rides you could do. Follow my One Day Animal Kingdom Itinerary with a toddler for a perfect day with your family and animals! If you’re looking for an intinerary for a toddler for Magic Kingdom, check out my post.

Advance Prep:

  • Always advisable to check the weather forecast that day. Light, breezy clothes if it is going to be hot. If like us, you are there on a rainy day, have your raincoats and weatherproof shoes ready and have some fun! I was apprehensive about the rain but we ended up having just as much fun, if not more.
  • Check for FastPass+ availability beforehand and book them. Though this park is not asa crowded as Magic Kingdom, The Flight of Passage ride in Pandora has the most amount of wait times in all of Walt Disney World (It was about 120 minutes at 9:30 in the morning.) The ride however has a height limit therefore you and your partner would need to rider switch. We skipped this one because it was only me and my toddler that day.
  • Download the My Disney Experience App. You can check out a map of all the attractions, restaurants, wait times. You can even link the accounts of everyone in your party so you can take FastPasses for everyone in one go.

So here’s my one day animal kingdom itinerary with a toddler

  1. Na’vi River Journey: This is a calm and family friendly ride on the Na’vi river where you get to see real life beautiful Na’vi people and the many animals in Pandora. It is absolutely gorgeous and perfect to start the day with. If you don’t get a FassPass+ for this ride, I advise doing this first, before the crowds begin to increase.
  2. Once out of the ride check out the Pandora that they have created. A lot of the Animal Kingdom experience is checking out the wonderful lands they have created within the park and the attention to detail. One Day Animal Kingdom Itinerary with a toddler
  3. Next let’s walk towards Africa shall we. You will enter Harambe, Disney’s version of an African village. Again as you walk through the town, you will notice the attention to detail, from the simple architecture to dare I saw the landscape too.
  4. We will head out to do the Kilimanjaro Safari. I suggest doing this earlier than later because mornings are when animals are active. Come lunch time, like a lot of us, animals do like to nap too. One Day Animal Kingdom Itinerary with a toddler
  5. We had a pretty successful Safari and were able to see Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, Rhinos, Hippos, Zebras and many other animals. My toddler was absolutely over the moon with joy, so this one was a big hit for us.
  6. Once out of the Safari, it would be a good idea to catch Festival of The Lion King. Its a complete Do Not Miss and your entire family should love it. Don’t be scared of your toddler not enjoying it or getting antsy. The show is short enough (30 mins), loud and colorful enough for all kids to sit patiently through. I am a 90s kid and I had goosebumps listening to all the songs.
  7. If you do have time before Lunch, catch the Wildlife Express Train to go visit Rafiki’s Planet Watch. We got to meet Timon, Rafiki, Doc McStuffins. Though my kid didn’t really get the characters so much, I totally had a fan girl moment.
  8. I had a really nice conversation about conservation with a nice lady “Ranger” and my toddler got to pet goats. Plus we rode the train back to Africa and my kid loved it.
  9. Lunchin’ & Munchin’ One Day Animal Kingdom Itinerary with a toddler
  10. Next we traipsed though Asia and I took tons and tons of pictures to send back home and show them the attention to details. The entire place seemed like a small Himalayan village in North India or Nepal with Disney’s version of Mount Everest in the backdrop.
  11. Adi wasn’t tall enough for the Kali River Rapids or Expedition Everest but both the ride seemed good FUN!
  12. Even if your toddler can’t go on the rides there’s still lots to look around to educate and entertain them. My toddler was completely enthralled by two monkeys walking on a wire and doing all kinds of antics. Monkeys are very common around Indian temples, so these small little things they had recreated, amazed me.
  13. Whilst in Asia, check out the Flights of Wonder show. Its a show about exotic birds and was really cool!
  14. If your toddler still naps in the stroller you could go walk around and check out the Maharaj Jungle Trek.
  15. You have been avoiding it and postponing it, but the time has come. You do have to go to Dinoland now. Dinoland is completely unlike any Disney amusement and more like those old timey amusement parks, and your toddler is going to love it!
  16. Head over to TriceraTop Spin for the first of the many many rides you will have to take today.
  17. The Boneyard is the mother of all jungle gyms and your child can spend hours in there, you though might get bored out of your wits. One Day Animal Kingdom Itinerary with a toddler
  18. Another cool thing in Animal Kingdom is how easy it is to meet characters. There are no crazy long queues to meet yuor child’s favorite character, so do that before you leave the park. Adi met Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Donald. It was the realization of some of his best dreams. Now if he could meet Thomas the train in some way.
  19. We skipped out on Finding Nemo- A musical because 45 mins seem s
  20. Leave the park, relax your feet and reminisce about the wonderful day you had. My One Day Animal Kingdom Itinerary with a toddler will help you have a relaxing day, all the while having an amazing time and creating the very best memories with your family.

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