One Day Magic Kingdom Itinerary With A Toddler

One Day Magic Kingdom Itinerary

There is no doubt, Magic Kingdom is the happiest place on Earth. But let’s face it, its also almost always very crowded. You could just walk into Magic Kingdom and follow the map for the rides. But you would end up spending half your day in lines and I’m yet to meet a person, let alone a toddler who loves lines. With a little bit of planning you could turn a potentially stressful day into a day of laughs and giggles and just a lot of fun! Follow my one day Magic Kingdom Itinerary for a wonderful day of fun and frolic and hopefully minimal lines.

Advance Prep:

  1. Download the My Disney Experience App. You can check out a map of al the attractions, restaurants, wait times. You can even link the accounts of everyone in your party so you can take FastPasses for everyone in one go.
  2. Walt Disney World lets you book FastPass+ for your rides up to 60 days in advance. It’s always a great idea to book FastPasses for some of the most popular rides to skip the lines.
  3. Use your FastPass+ for Peter Pan’s Flight, Winnie The Pooh and Dumbo.

One Day Magic Kingdom Itinerary

So here’s my One Day Magic Kingdom Itinerary for toddlers with a height under 38″

  1. Arrive here as early as is possible for you. A lot of people recommend reaching half an hour before opening time, but my toddler needs breakfast almost as soon as he wakes up. So, got there as early as we could, about half an hour after opening and that worked well for us.
  2. If you haven’t managed to get a FastPass+ for Peter Pan’s flight, I suggest doing that first. I saw wait times goes up to 80 mins later on in the day, and even with the lovely displays during the queue, its way too much for a toddler. This ride though is absolutely amazing and most toddlers will love it if they aren’t scared of the dark.
  3. Next up is The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh ride. My toddler didn’t know Winnie the Pooh but he absolutely loved the ride and kept wanting to go back to the “Bear Ride” all day.
  4. Hopefully you did get the FastPass+ for Dumbo The Flying Elephant ride. Well if not, then its best to head out there before the wait time gets out of hand. They do have an indoor playground for toddlers in queue, so that should help. One Day Magic Kingdom Itinerary
  5. I’m going to be greedy and try fitting in one more ride before Lunch. Very close to Dumbo is the Walt Disney World Railroad- Fantasyland Station. I have a little boy who is absolutely nuts about trains so this was perfect for us. We got to rest our tired, aching feet while our son laughed and giggled with joy during his train ride.
  6. Lunch. ‘Nuff Said.
  7. After lunch if you are staying at one of the Disney resorts you could go back for a quick nap.If not you could try to see if your toddler naps in the stroller. Or you could have a toddler screaming for a toy he doesn’t even like in the gift shop (True Story!).
  8. Next up. Jungle Cruise. River cruise, fake animals and bad puns. What’s not to like. Though your toddler won’t get the bad jokes they will love looking at all the animals that suddenly pop up during the boat ride. We didn’t tell our kid that they were all fake and he kept telling us about all the animals he had seen.
  9. Disney Parade: It would be a good idea to check up on the Parade timings because that is one thing that you don’t want to miss. My kid went from sleepy, cranky and grumpy to really really happy. If Donald Duck comes up to shake your hand, you would be dancing with joy too.
  10. Another gem which generally has pretty little lines has to be The Magic Carpets of Aladin. Kids love it, its pretty similar to Dumbo and Adults love the small wait lines.
  11. Hopefully by now all the lunch your kid had would have settled. And it’s time to take them to their first roller coaster ride, The Barnstormer. I was very skeptical about my little one going on this, but even though he screamed throughout I know he loved it.
  12. My toddler was pretty wiped out by this time so we just headed straight for the hotel to relax. But if we had stuck around for a little while we would have headed to It’s a Small World. Apparently all adults hate it, so naturally all the kids love it. Its also soothing and relaxing so maybe it would calm down your toddler.

That’s it for this part folks. There was still a ton left that we could have done, but our boy had had enough stimulation to last him the whole week. He absolutely loved Magic Kingdom. This One Day Magic Kingdom Itinerary for your toddler allows your family to enjoy all that is wonderful in Magic Kingdom at your own pace and have a wonderful day making memories to cherish.

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