Toddler Holiday Gift Ideas

Toddler Holiday Gift Guide

Holidays are almost here. The next month is going to be all about shopping and buying gifts for family, friends, teachers. Black Friday is right around the corner which means some amazing deals especially on toys. I’m compiling a wish list of sorts of toddler holiday gift ideas I’d like to get for my kid. He’s too young yet to really expect toys and gifts during holidays and birthdays so mommy makes that list for him instead.

Growing up, my parent didn’t believe in buying us a whole ton of expensive toys. Instead they bought us books, A LOT of books. My parents always believed in investing in an overall growth for us. So we had music lessons and art lessons and swim lessons and books. Toys were secondary. I’m my mother’s daughter through and through so while compiling this list, I also looked for books, experiences and the likes to gift my child and not just the coolest toys on the market. So while this might not be the most conventional list of toddler holiday gifts you’ve seen, it’s going to make your child very happy.

Toddler Holiday Gift

Magformers are essentially magnetic tiles or blocks that children can use to create a variety of shapes and objects. I have seen this toy with some kids, and I feel like its a great toy to exercise children’s creativity. They will also understand the concept of 2D and 3D and spatial recognition. Learning through play is the best way to learn so this is a big WIN for me.


Fisher Price Think & Learn Teach & Tag Movi
Toddler Holiday Gift
My child is obsessed with playing tag with our Rhoomba Vacuum and runs it till the vacuum is completely discharged. He’s an active child with an ective imagination so he loves all things that move. So I know he’s going to leave playing tag with Movi. I also love that this toy will help kids think critically. We’ve been teaching Adi basic directions like left and right so this would reinforce direction learning too.

Thomas and Friends Super Station Playset
Toddler Holiday Gift

There is nothing my child loves more than playing with his Thomas and Friends trains. He actually wakes up in the middle of the night crying about them. So even though I keep trying to discourage his obsession with the trains, this had to make the toddler holiday gift ideas list. This set is pretty much the dream set for any Thomas aficionado with multiple tracks and multiple configurations and Thomas and his friends James, Percy and Harold the helicopter.

A Book Club Subscription

Toddler Holiday Gift



Last year for a few months we had a Dr Suess book club subscription. It came up to $20/month for three to four books. We got some great classics like Green Eggs and Ham and Mr Brown can Moo off this book club. My toddler absolutely loves these books and the book club subscription would make a great toddler holiday gift.

An Activity Box Subscription

Toddler Holiday Gift


An activity box subscription like Toka Box includes books, related crafts and activities. These boxes are designed to teach, engage and challenge your children. They help kids develop analytical, language and necessary life skills. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a subscription for Adi for sometime now and I know this would be a great toddler holiday gift idea.

Annual Membership to Children’s Museum

Toddler Holiday Gift


We have a wonderful Children’s Museum here in the San Francisco Bay Area. For Adi’s second birthday we decided ti skip buying him toys and got an annual membership to the Children’s museum. This is absolutely a gift that keeps giving. Kids love, and I mean love this place. There is so much for them to see, experiment and learn, that time just flies. We had a phase where we went there almost every weekend. I think this is a perfect toddler holiday gift because not only is it learning with play, it also gives a great opportunity to the whole family to hang out and spend some quality time with each other.






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