Weekly Meal Plan – 2

Weekly Meal Plan

I’ve been away from the blog for a while. The past couple of months have been a little busy around the house, plus some traveling and laptop troubles. But I’m trying to be good. And to organize my life. Life, the house and my kitchen hasn’t been organized for a while now. But with Diwali around the corner and the home deep clean it generally warrants, it seems to be a great time to get organized.

One of the things that I struggle with everyday is “What do I cook today?” and sometimes, “What’s going bad in the fridge?”. I’ve tried to do weekly meal plans, but didn’t really follow it through for a long time. So here’s attempt number 2 at a weekly meal plan. May I be more successful this time around.

Thursday is Diwali so the menu for that day is going to be a little more elaborate that day. Also most of these recipes aren’t on the blog but I will update the links with recipes as and when they come up on the blog.

Weekly Meal Plan (10/16/17-10/21/17)

Monday:- Tandoori Arbi + Paneer Shimla Mirch + Veggie Parathas

Tuesday:- Aloo Gobi Masala + Spinach Dal + Chapatis

Wednesday:- Lemon Rice + Sambar + Curd Rice

Thursday:-  Puris + Chana Masala + Aloo Dum + Tandoori Paneer + Dahi Vada

Friday:- Pasta + Roasted Broccoli + Steamed Edamame

Saturday:- Khichdi + Mashed Potatoes (Just a fancy way of saying Aloo Bharta really 😉 )

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